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Serene Recovery Network operates and which are the most comprehensive online resources for addiction treatment services and information, and produces events and marketing campaigns for addiction treatment agencies. Serene Recovery Network also publishes magazines and other publications for people touched by addiction.

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4426 Pepperwood Ave
Long Beach, California 90808
United States

Located in Long Beach, California


  • Serene Recovery Network has developed a dynamic and comprehensive online directory and review site called It is a TRUE Directory and Review site and is not owned by a treatment agency and does not have any referral contracts: in fact, does no referrals whatsoever.


Monday through Friday 8:30AM - 5:00PM


2 Reviews
Mary hubbard
San Diego, CA
Great use for education with students

This magazine is used in Marste school for students to read the article and be updated about the current state of a substance use disorders. Student had no idea that there was programs that abuse the system by Client stealing and insurance fraud. They also learn about the politics and the regulations and laws that are new as they come in to the treatment. I bought this magazine both online and hard copy so I could put it out in the office for families and use it online for my score at

August 2017

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Andrew Martin
Long Beach, CA

Serene Recovery Network is an outstanding example of how ethical business practices benefit customers and the public. Information and resources published for public consumption and optimized, credible websites for high customer value. Outstanding organization.

September 2016

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2 Reviews



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